Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mini Epiphanies

One of my biggest pet peeves in the gym are people who run/ walk while holding on for dear life to the treadmill.

I have even seen trainers working with people who are holding on whole they talk to them. I want to yell at them " LET GO"!!! Whatever work they THINK they are achieving is greatly compromised by the fact that they are holding on! Going too fast? Slow down. Incline too high? Lower it. But stop holding on, let go to see real results and achieve what you showed up for- it won't kill you!

This rant was going through my head yet again when in the gym the other night when it hit me that my peeve is also a metaphor for life in general, and I was humbled. Because teh message is also for me - LET GO.

Whatever crap or baggage or preconceived motions or negative thoughts you are holding- stop holding on to them. It will help you to achieve whatever you truly set out for in this life, and you will see results .

Do you have the courage to let go? I am gonna try....pun indicated in next years race calendar, coming up soon!