Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Went riding on her BIKE............

A specialized Dolce Comp. Mr Bike Store Guy spent over an hour fitting the bike to me - seat height, pedal adjustments, blah blah blah. I can only hope not to kill myself on it because this aerodynamic piece of sex is worth more than I am, only halfway kidding here.

I also got a display mount so technically I can spin at home. At least I have a bad weather solution....I'm excited!

Friday, February 20, 2009


There is so much to learn! How many tri training books websites vodeos etc can there possibly be? sheesh.

I did manage to get several workouts in this week however. No swimming, but a few good if short runs and spinning class 3 times which is a world record for me. Not great, but not abysmal either. I did contact the masters swimming program and will visit them Tuesday evening so I can get a feel for the class and see if this is actually something I can commit to. I already have a potential with my son's upcoming soccer practice on Thursday nights and swimming...I'm juggling and haven't started the class yet.

Tomorrow, I visit the bike shop and get fitted for a ride. Once that purchase is made I am locked in to this thing for sure. (insert Queen's chorus
"BIcycle! BIcycle!) I'm excited!

In the meantime I am still figuring out what plan to follow and what tools I will keep in my arsenal. I wish I had a real live training partner for this! Maybe I will get a book or two and just go from there. Right now I just need to keep building my base and go from there.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alrighty then....

What an idiot. Apparently the signup for Danskin was the very day I was happily typing away about TOMORROW, it was THAT VERY DAY, and apparetly everone knew that except me. What does that mean? Registration closed, baby. No highlighted calendar reminder will help if you got the wrong day!


I signed up for the Irongirl in Syracuse. the bike distance is TWICE that of Danskin which makes me oh so happy and secure. In celebration, I blew off spin class today and didn't go to the gym at all. I am also not swimming this week. I DID complete a killer 3 miles before work yesterday - my legs are still a little tight from that. Only a little however...

In my copious training fantasies I have planned to reward myself once a month with a trip to my favorite Korean
spa for a few baths and steams, and maybe a killer foot rub. There are few things more relaxing than this for me. I went today - keeping with the whole lazy indulgence theme of the week I guess - and I felt fetus weak coming out - in a good way.

And, I have learned a new term: Athena. Apparently I am an Athena. I weigh over 150 Lbs. OK, except the male counterpart of that is a Clydesdale. Which if you didn't know is a huge ( albeit beautiful) HORSE.


This will DEFINITELY be revisited. In fairly short order.

So - this weekend, to determine what swimming humiliation I will face - masters?(I really don't like that term. Gotta change that) or another Jack Rabbit class? Its gotta be something - the dirty old men at Parks and Rec are too gleeful with their encouragement as they pass me over and over and over.....

le sigh!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Am I Krazy?

I mean, who willingly submits themselves to humiliation bodily discomfort and yeah PAIN to participate in something I could very realistcally die in?

This is definitely a mid-life thing for me. I am not completely ashamed - not when you have some guys out there doing what they do at mid life - ha! I shoud be proud.

I am terrified and doubtful. But I am going to try this once - at least I will be TRYING which is more than most people ever do, right?


Tomorrow is the sign up for the Danskin Triathlon. There is also the AFLAC Irongirl, which first got my attention. I have until tomorrow to make the first commitment. In the meantime, I did a killer spinning class yesterday and then went right to the track afterwards. I spent the remainder of the day pretending I could feel my legs.