Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Far..........

So, I have made it through May, hooray. Tonight is Masters swim and all the extreme joy that it brings. I am dog arse tired and yet feeling good at the same time.

I did NOT make perfect on the Every Day In May challenge – I missed two days of working out. Poo. There were a few factors contributing to this however –

- I got deathly ill for a few days

- I traveled out of town for three days TWICE

- work is at its peak stress level

- I STILL can’t seem to get myself out of the bed before 6:30

Hallelujah though, I did get a new treadmill which I am already putting to good use, and completed my first 4 mile run on Sunday! It was ugly (lots of inclines and a few hills) but I did it and am happy.

Overall, I would say that I am sticking with my training plan at a 95% rate , so that is good. How in the world this will translate into finishing the Oly in August I have no clue but stranger things have been know to happen in modern times. I believe I may be overthinking almost everything, which I have been known to do.

I am doing OH so much better on my diet, too – about 95% clean eating, no sugar no whites. I do need more veggies however, and still need help with snacking and portion control. I have lost about 2 inches off my waist this month- don’t know how much weight if any but my clothes are fitting good again.


Right now, all I want to do is take a nap!

So June- I really just want to stick with my plan and continue to work hard to get the weight off. I guess a goal is to pick up another mile by the end of the month, and continue to get a smaller circumference. So far, so good……….

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 1 DONE

and executed pretty well. I missed one run - couldnt help it- but did everything else. I also survived my first week of Masters swim, but by a bare thread. I will be eating a steady diet of humble ass pie this summer I believe! I am last by farrrrrr even in our technique sets, except for when we have to use kick boards. I kick ass at kick boards! I also have my first injury- a dime sized chunk of flesh missing below my big toe from the zoomers. It is healing so slow but at least it has stopped hurting.Today, I ran at the beach and it felt sooooooo amazing. I did a few Beachbody workouts this week also just to keep things interesting and speed up my weight loss.

I had forgotten the constant juggling of sweaty clothes, chlorinated clothes, and constant soreness and extreme sleepiness in the afternoons. I am about 90-95% clean eating ( I cheat and use butter on my ezekiel bread, and steal m&m's when they are around) and that is really helping alot this time around, I am really getting the hang of it.

I think I am ready for week 2! Looks like great weather awaits, I hope to have more success with early rising (and early sleeping)!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Every Day In May

Today was the (re) start of Masters Swimming. Wow. The class is alot smaller than it was last year at this time, and quite frankly I hope it stays this way. It's less intimidating for me. I am pleased that I kept up, but to be honest this was a recovery day for the class, and everyone was doing drill on technique and I kept my zoomers on the entire time. BUT, I did all the sets and didnt drown. yay!

Unfortunately I didn't get to do my run this morning- hell, I barely made it out of work on time to throw myself in the car and hit the highway to get out to the pool- oh well. The plan is to make it up tomorrow, so I have a short ride in the AM and a short run in the PM at the gym.

I have planned a challenge for myself that I am calling Every Day In May- basically that I will exercise every day this month. I will continue to eat clean and at regular intervals. I have to get to sleep soon, as I know this swim will have me knocked OUT. It is so difficult for me to wake in the am, and difficult to settle in at a reasonable hour. Yes, I know where my kids get it from!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let The Madness Begin

May Day, May Day, Singing Electric about to begin Tri Training in earnest!

Yep, can't fake the funk any longer. I had a horrible run this morning at the track- intervals- my legs were so TIGHT no matter what I did. Came home, and did some hardcore gardening for 3 HOURS....and I just finished a quick spin on the trainer for an hour.

I am still in withdrawal over my gym, but what can I do? I will have to figure something else out that does not involve me being so spoiled. In the meantime I have been trying to lose weight, doing Beachbody workouts and clean eating. I don't think I have lost much but I FEEL great. I would FEEL even better if I could get back into some of my clothes, but one thing at a time.  I am packing my lunches now and eating at more regular intervals, and trying to drink more water. Yay, me!