Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let The Madness Begin

May Day, May Day, Singing Electric about to begin Tri Training in earnest!

Yep, can't fake the funk any longer. I had a horrible run this morning at the track- intervals- my legs were so TIGHT no matter what I did. Came home, and did some hardcore gardening for 3 HOURS....and I just finished a quick spin on the trainer for an hour.

I am still in withdrawal over my gym, but what can I do? I will have to figure something else out that does not involve me being so spoiled. In the meantime I have been trying to lose weight, doing Beachbody workouts and clean eating. I don't think I have lost much but I FEEL great. I would FEEL even better if I could get back into some of my clothes, but one thing at a time.  I am packing my lunches now and eating at more regular intervals, and trying to drink more water. Yay, me!

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