Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye my lover…goodbye my friend

I joined Printing House gym about 7 years ago. It was a beautiful facility and a very low key, off beat gym that had a penthouse space with beautiful waterfront views, a pool and outdoor deck, friendly low key staff and clientele, no loud music, ultra clean, very low traffic, sauna spa and whirlpool, full range of classes and boxing rind, personal trainers… ALWAYS a pleasant place to go to (except for the rare days that the elevator was out, LOL) and always IMMACULATE.

I would often say to myself and another friend who had joined back then – “I know this won’t last long, it’s TOO good”. That is how it felt- I don’t know if there is a perfect gym experience, but if there is, this was it.

In October, rumors were confirmed that Printing House had been brought out by the Equinox chain. I used to belong to Equinox many years ago and while it’s quite a gym, but really not for me. They type A trainers and clientele, ultra loud music, and overall high expense was too much in more than one way. Still, I thought I would tough it out where I was until they raised the price or …something.

For months, they did not change the pricing. The construction is in earnest however, and if it winds up looking anything like the design it will be quite the showcase. I got a letter in the mail on Friday however, that has forced my hand. The monthly fee is going up by 50%!

On top of that, if you join you are locked in for a minimum of one year before you can cancel. I knew it was wayyyy to good to last for too long. I loved it mightily while I had it, even though I didn’t go as much as I wanted to this year. It was nice to have a gym to get to during the lunch hour, closeby, like a second home.

I will truly miss my gym.

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