Monday, March 7, 2011

Still at it – kinda.

The mill is still dead – and things have shifted so far south that I have started the C25k program to get me back on some sort of track.

Swimming has been minimal – still not back at masters(some sort of dread of exposing thing 1 and thing 2 and the ever expanding Esther and Tootsie combined with work fatigue) but I have been known to make a cameo at the local parks and rec pool with my boys more than a few times.

The bike on the other hand is going ok. Yes I still have numb ass and privates after awhile but I have been putting in many hours weekly for the last few months. On the trainer, but still- I have been doing that.

This has been the worst winter in NYC in a long time. Lots of snow, ice, cold and dark.. Even good athletes have said they haven’t been able to get their bikes out since November so it’s not just me in case you were wondering. Still, here I am, trying …again….to refocus.

Going to hit up the
Multisport World Triathlon Expo this weekend, and participate in a clinic for new triathletes which should be interesting. This will be my third time attending such an expo in as many years, and I will say that each year I have attended I have learned something – OK sometimes really tiny tiny things but hey, that is something, right? And there is always the free( mostly useless) swag and pamphlets which I am addicted to!

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