Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

I had an interesting weekend with relatively little exercise. I did get in a good bike workout on Saturday, a 90 minute trainer ride with lots of hills. Sweatfest! And difficult, mostly because I was soooo tired- I woke up early to get on a train and attend the Tri expo.

I participated in a clinic specifically for first time triathletes (which of course meant that out of 40 people, about five were TRULY first timers LOL) The guys delivering the session were coaches whose basic underlying message was - “You should train with a team”. Oh they said other stuff – a lot of it WAS truly helpful – but one thing that was said that really bugged me was something about how all of us in attendance are type A personalities, we wouldn’t be there if we weren’t, and that most triathletes are.

Riiiiiiight……whatever! (See, I WANT to train with others and go to Masters and run with a club etc etc blah blah but I do NOT want some type A screaming at me or putting me on the spot, or criticizing me so that it will make me step up. It won’t. I am not built that way. I will just quit, because my non type A personality cannot deal with the embarrassment you just dealt me)


The setup of the rest of the Expo was interesting – one half of the gym had vendors, and the other half was ongoing 10 minute presentations about a wide variety of S/B/R topics. Most of the presenters I sat in for were very approachable, seemed quite knowledgeable, and delivered clear concise information (One notable exception was a Doctor who was waaaaaay in deep with his stuff. One guy behind me got up laughing and said “Well, I guess HE knows what he is talking about – no one else does!” HA!)

The vendors were the standard Tri expo vendors – a bunch of clubs, apparel companies, a few nutrition companies, a few trainers, and they had a time trial setup on one side that you could sign up for. I liked that idea, but did not like the fact that dozens of people were milling right around the cyclists while they were trying to pound it out- I would have been really annoyed.

I did see a table sponsored by my (largest addiction)favorite website,
Beginner Triathlete! I got to meet the legendary Marmadaddy and fellow BT’er DrCherryBomb!
That brief meeting made the whole morning. I did score some great junk swag, and I got a REALLY cute T from

Sunday I was a backup timer for swim meet hosted at my masters swim group in Nassau County. While up front it can seem like almost 4 hours is forever (especially on a sunny Sunday morning, and daylight savings time taking a much needed additional hour of sleep away from me) I really enjoy volunteering. The oldest participant at the meet was 89 years old! God, PLEASE let me be active, healthy and swimming at 89! Each heat he participated in (YES there was more than one) he got a rousing round of applause when he exited the water.

That, and the Star Spangled Banner completely had me tearing up (cuz I am just corny like that)

You would think that would give me inspiration to get my butt in gear – well, it has! More on exactly how later .....

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