Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 1 DONE

and executed pretty well. I missed one run - couldnt help it- but did everything else. I also survived my first week of Masters swim, but by a bare thread. I will be eating a steady diet of humble ass pie this summer I believe! I am last by farrrrrr even in our technique sets, except for when we have to use kick boards. I kick ass at kick boards! I also have my first injury- a dime sized chunk of flesh missing below my big toe from the zoomers. It is healing so slow but at least it has stopped hurting.Today, I ran at the beach and it felt sooooooo amazing. I did a few Beachbody workouts this week also just to keep things interesting and speed up my weight loss.

I had forgotten the constant juggling of sweaty clothes, chlorinated clothes, and constant soreness and extreme sleepiness in the afternoons. I am about 90-95% clean eating ( I cheat and use butter on my ezekiel bread, and steal m&m's when they are around) and that is really helping alot this time around, I am really getting the hang of it.

I think I am ready for week 2! Looks like great weather awaits, I hope to have more success with early rising (and early sleeping)!

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