Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Every Day In May

Today was the (re) start of Masters Swimming. Wow. The class is alot smaller than it was last year at this time, and quite frankly I hope it stays this way. It's less intimidating for me. I am pleased that I kept up, but to be honest this was a recovery day for the class, and everyone was doing drill on technique and I kept my zoomers on the entire time. BUT, I did all the sets and didnt drown. yay!

Unfortunately I didn't get to do my run this morning- hell, I barely made it out of work on time to throw myself in the car and hit the highway to get out to the pool- oh well. The plan is to make it up tomorrow, so I have a short ride in the AM and a short run in the PM at the gym.

I have planned a challenge for myself that I am calling Every Day In May- basically that I will exercise every day this month. I will continue to eat clean and at regular intervals. I have to get to sleep soon, as I know this swim will have me knocked OUT. It is so difficult for me to wake in the am, and difficult to settle in at a reasonable hour. Yes, I know where my kids get it from!

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