Friday, February 20, 2009


There is so much to learn! How many tri training books websites vodeos etc can there possibly be? sheesh.

I did manage to get several workouts in this week however. No swimming, but a few good if short runs and spinning class 3 times which is a world record for me. Not great, but not abysmal either. I did contact the masters swimming program and will visit them Tuesday evening so I can get a feel for the class and see if this is actually something I can commit to. I already have a potential with my son's upcoming soccer practice on Thursday nights and swimming...I'm juggling and haven't started the class yet.

Tomorrow, I visit the bike shop and get fitted for a ride. Once that purchase is made I am locked in to this thing for sure. (insert Queen's chorus
"BIcycle! BIcycle!) I'm excited!

In the meantime I am still figuring out what plan to follow and what tools I will keep in my arsenal. I wish I had a real live training partner for this! Maybe I will get a book or two and just go from there. Right now I just need to keep building my base and go from there.

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