Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planning to plan and plansssssss.....

Planning next year.

I have so many dreams and goals.

Baby steps , sure - but wonderful things for me if I can pull them off.

NO, I still have not determined what tri's I want to do but I am getting there. I will definitely do the Trek again- it was so much fun and close to home. And all chicks. And chicks, as you know, rock. No homo.

I have signed up for the Long Island Half Marathon, however - and I totally think it is doable. Now, I am saying this having cut down drastically on my running these past two months. But I still think I can do it and have fun.

I have been going to swim class but I am as slow as all get out. Not sure what to do about that, but I damn sure better have soe kind of technique by spring the way I have been drilling! I have found a really cool resource - the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers. I chatted with a chick that swam with them last year - a novice newbie slow one like me (or so she says) and she really recommended them. I think I will give it a try come late April or May (once the water warms a bit). I am hopeful, as I want to enter a race on Staten Island that everyone says is fun and flat. The swim is in the bay. It would make for a good season opener; although I am not for the crazy crowded stuff. I will have to see.

There have been some ....interesting....articles in the New York Times over the past few months about endurance about slow people in the marathon, and more recently one about Triathletes with injuries...this one. I am not sure why Triathlon has been singled out - and why they chose a 61 year old athlete to highlight ....

I also got a great book, a real meat and potatoes tri book "The Triathletes Training Bible". There is so much in there I don't understand yet but am starting to grasp the concept of - lactate thresholds and such....but realy I need to find a plan and stick to it!

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