Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Am Woman, Hear Me Cough

what a week, huh?
Monday slams us with a foot of snow, I stayed home.

Tuesday I had the pleasure of running a day long meeting with one eye functioning - like literally, I thought I had pink eye or something. it was awful.

Wednesday it didn't clear up much, but I really wasn't feeling that great either so I knew there was more to it...

Thursday I did spinning class with a raging fire in my throat. Ugh. Work was very incomfortable - echinacea, c, zinc, and bathroom every 20 minutes. I left work early to try and relax at home, except I could hardly breathe or relax.

Friday was better only because things had broken up, but I don't like coughing in front of or around people. So it was a day of perpetual motion - always going to cough or pee.

Needless to say when I am not feeling well is when people want to get IN my face, talk incessantly, hold some hellacious meeting about...oh, I don't know, toenail lint...BS like that.

So much for my first week of training.

This morning I did spin class with El Preggo. I wonder when she is due, I avoid looking at her because it makes me want to pee. She gets props for knowing the words to Biz Markies "Just A Friend"(YES, that was a slow climb song) and MiJac's Pretty Young Thing(repeat after me say "na-na na -na!"). I managed to get on the treadmill immediately after and do two miles. I'm still stuffy but amazingly when I go to exercise I have no difficulty breathing at all.

It is suppossed to be 60 tomorrow....if I can peel my azz out of bed I will get up early and drive to the beach for a run; it has been awhile. Maybe someone can consult the oracle to divine when I will get back in the pool, as it is beyond me to fathom at this point. It has been so long I am actually building a phobia about it!

It's a beautiful day today, its 60 and sunny although there is still snow in the garden. I'm gonna celebrate by taking a nap. Yay me!

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