Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It is getting more and more difficult to drag myself to masters swim every week. I am not sure why.

Sure, it is a hard workout. One which sometimes leaves me feeling like demoralized – like I have never attempted to swim before, and should never attempt again. Fighting through rush hour traffic (after already having a daunting commute) adds to it as well. Having to detangle, wash and condition my hair afterwards lest it fall out all at once from chlorine is also a factor. Oh – and it is getting cold now, and it is easier to face freezing cold water coming in from warm weather versus cold. Sometimes (during this time of year) I just don’t feel like getting WET. AT ALL.


I know how much I need to improve my swim time and skills, nothing makes it more apparent than masters that is for sure. But damn. I am skipping another session today – sinuses. I just cannot tolerate it for one more second! But it is back to the grind on Thursday.

On another note – I need a new saddle for Elphaba. My crotchital region has suffered too much this past summer and needs a break. I had kinda wished that after suffering through enough stress that I would get callous down there, but if anything its more sensitive. So I am looking into a Terry Butterfly and Adamo seats for women – I want to be able to sit comfortably for a longer period of time. (I need no excuses to skip out training sessions, as you can see).

I am thinking of generating a challenge for myself on the bike – 10 hours a week! For one month. I want to build stamina and speed, and also just see if I can do it. The majority of this will be done on the trainer obviously, but the beauty of it is that I CAN do it on the trainer . No speed or resistance goals, just DO it as Nike rants. I want – need – to jump start my continued weight loss journey and am hoping this will help.

I will start trying a week at a time, and see how it goes.

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