Saturday, October 31, 2009

Procrastination. Pelvis. Plodding.

I haven’t been swimming in a month. I have several reasons and excuses, but none of them change the fact that I haven’t been swimming- masters or otherwise – in a month. Work is excruciating. I am tired when I do have the time to actually make it, I prefer not to. The weather has been cold and wet, and - well, it gets kind of redundant! All real reasons, but still don’t change the fact that it has been a month.

I HAVE been biking a lot – for real and on the trainer. The first week of attempting to complete 10 hours over the week met with some serious resistance on behalf of my uh pelvic region. I managed 8.5 hours, not bad. But there was PAIN. A lot of it. Soft tissue damage, I dare say nerve damage. Very uncomfortable situation – part of which comes from needing a new saddle,. Part from that region being really hot and clammy for extended periods of time, but you know I think part of it is tied to my needing to lose weight! There is a lot of pressure on that precious area and , well, something had to give and it was me. Ouch. How do women complete century rides, Ironman..etc – unless I need to build up a crotch callous?


I have also been running regularly – if not copiously. I participated in a
BT challenge to do 50 miles this month, which I have just completed. I will try to maintain minimums monthly and be smarter about how I fit them in as my work schedule gets more solidified. I cannot say that I am enjoying it more, but I always feel excellent after. It’s the time thing, I need to work on that. Time, and motivation....

There was a
New York Times article about “plodders” in the marathon, apparently some faster runners have issues with people who walk, run/walk, or even just run slow participating in a marathon. Takes the sheen off the event, some say; and they don’t think they have the right to brag.

After reading that article, I understand why some people think runners are assholes, I completely do. If you have enough time to be concerned about what someone else is doing on the course, you have bigger issues than you think. (and smaller privates too) Faster athletes annoyed with slower ones for....what? Breathing too much? How far should we follow that reasoning - if you aren't doing as well as X, then you must not be working hard and therefore don't deserve to be there? How do you know what obstacles or challenges these individuals have dealt with to just be there? Wow. Just, wow.

What is the REAL issue?

Without us slower folk they wouldn't be all that fast would they? Their speed is only in relation to the plodders...and without the plodders, who would you have to critique? Yourself perhaps?

Humming MJ's Man in the Mirror.....and laughing....

On another note, I want to mention a website that I am falling in love with that feeds my avid consumerism and is all chick power and everything....


got some more socks to feed the looking at bike seats for aforementioned reasons....they rock!

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