Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here we go again

Long story short, DH signed me up for the NYC Triathlon. Sweetheart! BECAUSE he did this, because HE did this, because he DID this,

I must "do it".
I am freaked out.

I volunteered for this race this summer, doing body marking and handing out timing chips. Let me tell you, there are some AMAZING looking athletes on the course- I think I notice them more as a volunteer without nerves than I would as a participant whose mind is racing. I enjoyed the experience, and would do it again if allowed.

Afterwards I spent an hour or so watching the swim leg in the Hudson right behind me, up close and personal. People were whizzing by! And yes, I did make one errant remark when I saw a guy with a noodle- I said something stupid like "If I could do it with a noodle, I will definitely participate".

But I don't want to swim with a noodle. I want to swim it, well. But I am terrified! There are so many reasons I am terrified I can't say exactly which fear is the biggest...Maybe it was being able to actually hear some people gasping as they went by. Maybe it is how fast the water was moving, how murky it looks and how deep it must really be. Maybe its because I can recall the guides in their kayaks screaming at the swimmers who went off course. Maybe its the idea of doing a whole mile when I haven't been to Masters swim in months. Maybe its the idea of even just jumping off that damn pontoon in the first place.

And, I know it is a challenging course. I am wary of the bike and the run, but the SWIM.........

Happy Halloween(ie)!

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