Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Ramblings

  • I have been perfecting my bear impersonation this last two weeks. Slowing down, piling up things in my cave, and eating lik ethere is no tomorrow. Oh its all healthy, but its too much. And if I am not eating, I am SOOOoooo hungry. I just cannot sleep or eat enough...and no I am not pregnant, those arent even my pregnancy symptoms. These are my "its getting cold and dark outside" symptoms.

  • Despite all of that I feel pretty good except for the widening expanse of my waist...

  • I LOVE Modern Family. Love.It.

  • I dont know how much longer I can afford all this organic clean eating. If I were single I would be set, but with a family of six and a fat dog, its s huge strain. Steel cut oats cost a grip! I shoudl just cave and go back to Kaboom cereal, and then I could afford a new snazzy bike and maybe a mid-winter vacation

  • I had a Kashi Go Lean chewy bar the other day for lunch and it was GREAT

  • I wish I werent so sleepy because I do love running in this cooler weather, heavy salty sweater that I am. I just cant seem to get up early enough during the week to get out, but at least I have the weekends. I will confine myself to the dreadmill twice a week....

  • I want to add a sprint on either end of NYC and shoot for the half marathon in October again

  • really really wish I could find a run, swim or bike buddy...I am so happy my son is now into cross country so at least I have company on the weekend, even though he easily dusts me!

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