Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Half Already?!

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been slacking (what else is new) and stressed. Somehow the weeks have flown by , and suddenly it’s time for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Damn.

I really believed that I was doing the MORE half in preparation for Brooklyn- and that I would be better prepared; hitting my runs strength training, better, etc. Well, that has NOT happened and I feel WAY under prepared.

I have been hitting my long runs, and for the most part they were ok. Except for this last one. I barely cranked out 10 miles and the last three were UGLY. It was sooo hot; and I just had no gas left. OK I admit – my nutrition was off, and I was very stressed worrying about something. But it was soooo hard; the last half mile my legs felt like lead pipes and when I got to the public bathroom it wasn’t to pee, it was to sit and gather my wits.

This last stellar long run was on Mother’s Day. I celebrated by actually going to a good solid NYC diner and eating a BURGER- something I haven’t done in years. It was a turkey burger (beef would still be sitting in my stomach today)but wow it was good- just shows how stressed I was, I hardly ever eat like that. It was good!

So back to kvetching about the Half- its going to be really warm Saturday, and the race starts so early I believe I will have to wake up no later than 4:30 which is ridiculous. I will not be able to eat that early- I mean, how does one train to wake up THAT early and race? I just hope I can make the same time I did for the MORE. I haven’t even out together my outfit yet, horrors!

I had the pleasure of putting together a presentation about Triathlons for my running group. I re-discovered my adoration for the sport (in a voyeuristic sense) and surprised myself with how many questions I could actually answer. I guess those years of reading everything I could get my hands on did have some effect, however fleeting! The session was very well received and I felt very comfortable delivering it, it was a lot of fun. I may have a small proclamation along these lines later, stay tuned.

I got my running buddy to pick up my race materials for me- I think I will try to get them tomorrow, I need something to inspire me and get me at least a little more excited about what I am about to do!

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