Saturday, April 28, 2012

City Parks 4 miler

I have already come to realize that I enjoy 4 miles as a race distance. I was feeling really good about this race- it was a chilly Sunday, and the long predicted deluge we were to receive didn’t make a showing.  Yay me! I decided however to drink some water instead of coffee before this race, and that was my demise.

After peeing before I left home, prior to taking a race picture I peed again. Then my run group and I took more pictures, chatted, and headed to the corrals together. While standing there however, Irealized I had to pee again. I don’t know WHY I didn’t go- it was at least five minutes until the start (I actually crossedthe start line 11 minutes after the official start)so I would have had planty of time- but I thought the feeling would go away.

It didn’t.

Each step I took that first half mile, I felt in my belly. You know that stabbing uncomfortable feeling when you really have to pee? Yeah, that one. UGH. At mile one, like an idiot, I went over to the two porta potties they had on the course. There were four people ahead of me. After standing there for about 2 minutes(and seeing thousands of people pass me) I realized I didn’t feel like I had to pee anymore, so I started running again.

Almost immediately I felt the “I gotta pee” pressure. Double ugh! I stopped again at mile two (mind you this is only a freakin four miler!) to pee- again, there are four people ahead of me, and each one seemed to want to take a dump or something. It took forever! ( well maybe five minutes) when I do go, I was so glad I did. I managed to sprint those last two miles and catch up to a certain part of the pack;; and I finished at an 11:19 average.

Now, I am happy about this because after stopping twice, I still had an average pace that is only 30 seconds off my best time. I was killing it! I will just be sure to be smarter about my bathroom breaks next time.

I think my participation in the half last week also changed my headset about four miles- I can’t wait to get out for another long run.

Never though I would say that - but there it is.

On another note- I need new sneakers. I am convinced now that my 10’s are too small. I don’t know why all of a sudden my damn feet are so huge but its  only in my running sneax. I am dismayed because this inexpensive hobby is turning quite expensive. At the same time, I am looking forward to getting some cute sneax and being comfortable to boot! So I am heading into the city on Saturday for a gait analysis in hopes that I can find…something.that makes my feet feel great and is cute and makes me run fast! Surely that can't be too difficult to find....right? 


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