Friday, April 6, 2012

Countdown !

It is just over a week until my first half marathon. How do I choose to prepare for it? By doing absolutely NOTHING! YAY! I wish I could explain the absolute mind paralysis when it came to running this past week. Somehow, after working all day, going for a run seemed about as appealing as being boiled in oil. At the same time, the goodie goodie fitness girl trapped in the basement of my brain is wailing about how I need to stick to my plan, and some other alarmist crap about the muffins I have been eating each morning for breakfast.


Its like something just unplugged, and I am depressed.

Last Sunday, I did a long run in Central Park- 11 miles – and WHY was it so damn hard? It was awful. I think it shook up my confidence TOO much. I felt as if I were going slower and slower with each mile. I was working too hard. My LEGS were hurting. WTF? I could not run or train at ALL and feel like that; ya know?

                     this is me- the sloth crawling aross the asphalt

So I have crammed my runs into the last four days of this week- day 1 being intervals on the dreaded dreadmill. I watched lots of crappy reality television to help me through and it worked well; 4 miles down. Today, I did hill repeats with my running group in the park and actually had fun- 6 miles down. Two more runs to go this weekend.

I am going to try to nail my nutrition and hydration in this last week before the race. I am also going to try (it won’t be easy) to get more sleep; and stretch each day. Mostly I am going to look for more awesome music for my playlist and keep reminding myself to have FUN. Its not a job, its a hobby and a mild obsession. Plus as my first Half, anything I do will be a PR!

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