Tuesday, April 10, 2012

T Minus 5

Well hallelujah and pass the peas, I seem to have snapped out of it. After a week of almost nothing, I crammed in my weekly required mileage in four days. Probably breaking every best practice out there, but whatever I FEEL better and my runs were actually good.

Thursday I did horrible speed intervals on the treadmill. Hot sweaty horrid four miles ...but I felt strangely energized somehow when I was done. Friday, I headed into Alley Pond Park with my running group and did six miles of hill repeats. It was a tough but really fun workout; I love these ladies.I made sure I went to the gym afterwards and got in the sauna and it was WONDERFUL!!!

Saturday was another running group run, I DIDN'T DIE!!!

It was an interesting long run, out to the beach and back. I actually didnt feel too horrid at all the whole time. Mind you my pace was continuously around 12:20 the entire time- where it is suppossed to be; but I honestly cannot imagine myself going any faster than that for 13 miles. I got in the zone from mile 9 on; I was flowing!  At mile 9 I also got a weird cramp in my left foot that I tried to run through(unsuccessfully) and I was hobbling afterwards . I rolled it out when I got home and I had no soreness or aches at all the next day. Nice.

BUT...cuz there is always a but.....I am not sure how doing the long slow distance is going to get me any quicker! I feel like such a complete ASS after doing all this running and my times are not improving and everyone ELSE I run with get faster but oh no, not me!

Ah, well....stepping off of that pity party and reminding myself of the not to distant past where I salivated at teh idea of being able to run 5 miles at whatever pace. I am greatful. I know I will be able to do this half, even if I wind up walking most of it; and than is more than alot of people can do. I need to remain greatful for that, put some music on my player, and get down to doing what I know I can do!

This is taper week. Walked two miles and ran two with the ladies at the track tonight. My not so old Asics feel like bricks on my feet now, all the padding is gone baby gone. I run again Thirsday, and that is it. I am looking forward to the expo- not sure why; I can't buy one damn thing but I am looking forward to it!

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