Monday, April 20, 2009

Angels Everywhere

It's been awhile since I have blogged but I have been busy. Regular short (but intense) runs and bike sessions. I am healed, hallelujah! My calf, my cold ( or allergy or what the hell ever) are all better.

Since starting - and completing - boot camp, and meeting Sally Edwards, I have gained a little more focus. I actually got wet in the pool too, much to my surprise. Turns out my boot camp instructor has also done some tri's and spent some of her time emailing me and giving me shout outs and extra pointers and "encouragement" during class. I hate it when its happening, but it DOES help.

and the class has made a big difference, already, in how I look and feel. Even though its at a hellish time in the morning, and I am afraid to look at my hand when I wipe away sweat from my brow lest it be blood. Ugh.

I met someone in class who I went running with this am at 5:30 at a track across from Belmont racetrack. How beautiful was it, to see the pink and purple sky, and hear the huff of the yearlings being exercised around the ring across the street, and the raucous birds screaming the sun to rise? I was exhausted and happy.

I also met someone who is doing the Syracuse race, who lives in Queens too - another first timer!. I have a tri mentee support group online, and although I don't even know what to ask because I am still so stupid with all of this, I am happy to have support - virtual and real - in this new journey. I asked for help and the angels appeared, for once! I am soooooo thankful.

That said, I am HUNGRY. no, lemme get it right...I am HONGRY. Like, all the time. I eat clean, so its not junk food binging, but multiple workouts have made me almost constantly growly. I go through alot of fruit, huge salads, enormous bowls of oat bran in the am.....sheesh. I am constantly on the prowl for food.

Alot of laundry, too. alot of soaking wet clothes - head to toe - to be done.

OK, I still have to figure out this pool thing and then I am truly rockin and rollin.

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