Saturday, April 4, 2009

O Agony Agony

This week started off great! No Bootcamp on Monday, so I went outside for a run at the track. I managed a terrible 2.5 miles and came home feeling great.

Tuesday Bootcamp Nazi gave us an awesome workout - alot of weighted leg stuff, high reps, sweating like a waterfall. Had I any balls, they would have been thoroughly busted. Right afterwards I went to spin class and she kept us in heavy climbs for the entire time. Cool! I was planning to go for another run right after Wed. bootcamp but fate had another plan for me.

we stretched and stretched - everyone was tight and stiff, me included. We were about to climb the Mountain...relay drills..and about 30 steps into it, I felt something in my right calf dissolve. I almost fell right down.

I was SO pissed.

The rest of me was ready, raring to go, and my f'ing CALF decided to take the rest of the week off. DAMN. I was trying not to cry - mostly from frustrationm not really pain.

I spent the rest of the session stretching and hobbling around. I put on a heat patch when I got home, and basically hopped around for two days. GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr

I did do bootcamp Friday, but that is it. Even now - no run, no spin class, nothing. There are times when I would LOVE to have the excuse of being injured because I don't feel like doing anything, but this is far from that time. Tomorrow I will attempt to do something as I feel alot better, but there are four days gone (basically) just like that.

My other half never intereferes except for times like this. I woke at 6 am to sneak and change for class, and he said simply(using the stentorian voice) "Not Today".

Ok. He's probably right but damn.

I'd like to have a little less frustration in this arena, right about now. I do not mind working hard but not being ABLE ...sheesh.

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