Monday, April 6, 2009

In the Classroom

My calf is still jacked up and I took Saturday off from any stress bearing exercise. Ha.

Sunday there was this Triathlon Symposium and Expo at the JCC Manhattan. Sally Edwards was the keynote, and I got her to sign my book and chat with her for a quick minute. I didn’t plan to stay more than an hour or two, but the whole day was packed with info sessions and longer seminars about all things Tri! I attended a short session on open water swimming for beginners – all I really got out of it was “don’t make your first time at the race”.


Well, she did provide some internet links for swim clubs that train for OW swims. The vendors on the first floor were mildly interesting – chiropractors and physical therapists, a bike dealer, sport shops, and all kinds of supplement hustlers. Sally used to run the Danskin series, but now has started another women’s only Tri series called Trek – a series of sprint tri’s around the country. I don’t get what happened and why she split (to start something that looks almost identical) but she was convincing enough for me to sign up for the Trek Tri in September! Yes I am crazy. It’s here on Long Island and I will have (prayerfully) completed the Syracuse Tri in July……maybe I can find a team to train with at least for this one in September since I have had no luck for July.

Sally said a few things that resonated with me; one was “fall in love with training, especially your weakest area.” She said she used to hate biking, and someone told her to fall in love with her bike to turn it around. Hmmm. I think my weakest area is swimming but I love it, I love the water. I just swim really slowly, like I do everything else.

Boot camp again this morning….I spin tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. That just sounds like an incredible time! That's cool you got to meet Sally Edwards, too!