Friday, May 29, 2009

In which I am transformed into a food product

so - so week so far - only one long run, almmost no bike work, and a few swims. Work has been SO stressful and making me tired, so my second workouts have been non-existent this week.

I got an email reminding me that the tri training class I signed up for 100 years ago starts this Sunday....and that I will need a wetsuit.


I went to a tri store recommended by several people on BT, and wound up with a Zoot Fuzion long sleeve. I managed to get it on pretty painlessly, although I sweat like a hooker in church with it on for even two minutes. It was on sale, too; even though it was more than I wanted to spend - and now I am broke - I was relieved that it fit.

But guess what?

I LOOK LIKE A BLOOD SAUSAGE with my wetsuit on. For crying out loud, how the heck am I going to wear this in front of other people, out of doors, and not be sighted by a bear hunter or mistaken for a circus performer? I have endured waaaay too much humiliation already, this has put me over the top. I mean really...have you SEEN a blood sausage? Enter Exhibit A:

<----- me in my wetsuit. (sigh)

I am going to bed. I'm depressed. I'm a broke blood sausage.

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