Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I love rainy days. I really do - always have. But rainy days and early morning workouts do not mix well. This is hard; all I want to do is sleep.

KILLER bootcamp workout on Monday morning. (Why do I sweat so much? Some people never sweat. I feel like slapping them. ) I went home and later did some speed running drills on the dreadmill (it's raining, remember?) I broke in my new sneax a bit and noticed that white hot tightness in my hamstrings and groin that are hallmarks of doing 2000 squats and lunges in 2 minutes. Super tight baby - too bad these muscles of steel are still swathed in chocolate jello. Oh well.

I planned to get up early and hit the pool, finally. At 4:30 am, I knew there was no way in creation that was gonna happen. The whole house overslept. I was so lethargic (and stiff!) I was late for my morning appointment. I put my gym bag in the car, planning to hit a hopefully empty pool for a few laps in the afternoon. The woman I met with was pissed that I was late, because she proceeded to talk for FOUR HOURS straight. I was so hungry leaving, and exhausted, and late - well, the pool was out of the question. Damn! I was so hungry when I got home I was nauseous.

ooooo, I am hurtin bad. Stiff as a board.

I will get on the trainer tonight...."long run" tomorrow (long for me anyway).

I see the tri in Syracuse has a swim clinic planned, and a training party - I am so jealous. Nothing here in NYC though. I want a swim clinic! Wah! I want someone to carry me to the empty pool and place me in the water, three times a week for an hour minimum!

Thats what I'm talkin about!

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