Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I had a pretty good run this morning, 5 miles. Very long for me, and at an unholy hour, but it was one of those mornings where the start is tense and rough and once my body got warmed up and into it, I felt great. I actually pushed myself a little on this one, and worked through the pain more than once. Not too bad.

I still feel as heavy as an ox moving. I am agile and graceful when I need to be otherwise but I feel like a huge CLOD running. It's interesting and somewhat psychotic that I was feeling so good about my size and fitness until I got into this tri training thing.

I'm still tired. The low barometric pressure and stress at work makes me tired and I am doing well with waking up at 4:30, but it is more difficult to make myself go to bed earlier at night. Hey normally I would go to bed around midnight or later. So this 11 pm stuff is killing me, and I really should be in bed by 10. HA!

I have also been informed that I should take off some weight to increase my chances of doing better in the water (haHA) and overall fitness.

More on that later, I guess. All this exercise does have me like a bear fresh out of hibernation scavenging for food, but the idea of dieting on top of everything else seems too overwhelming to me.

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