Monday, May 25, 2009

where did the month go?

May has positively flown by, and busted my ass in the process. Seriously, while I am so behind, I am doing so much physical work. Bootcamp is over for the month, and I will not be renewing for awhile so I can focus on swimming which .....

(drumroll please)

I started back on Friday! oooh, and it felt soo good. I am still slow, but I was able to do about 700 meters (maybe more, how DOES one keep count?) pretty neatly. I plan to spend the mornings I would have been in bootcamp in the pool.

I have made some progress! aside from the pool, I did a second timed mile at the end of bootcamp - the first one, my time was 10:33. My mile at the end of camp was 8:58!!!!! WOOHOO! someone play a rousing rendition of N.E.R.D's "She Wants To Move"...I can't believe it.

I got some Spinervals tapes for the bike's helping to keep me from getting bored. Spin class has been packed lately and I missed the 8 am class yesterday ( on a holiday Sunday, spin class was maxed out. Heathens.) So I didnt get to have La Baker - but I did have the potato girl ( for her shape. Don't sleep - she is a killer) who proceeded to play so many of my secret favorites - Elton's
" Funeral for a Friend" and Led Zep " The Ocean" and made me go harder, faster than I thought possible. That was really a breakthrough spin class for me, plus the first I have taken after spending so much time on the trainer. I did a brick - ran three miles afterwards and felt great.

I have been running regularly as well - increased the five milers to twice a week and drills/bricks otherwise. I am trying not to overdo it and adhere to the 10% rule. I just went and practically broke my middle toe yesterday ( I have mentioned how graceful I am right?) so I may not have a choice...

Next weekend starts a tri training class. Three hours long, we WILL swim bike and run each class (as per latest email) so COME PREPARED. ( insert psycho music )I have nothing to wear - I will probably need to at least pick up a trisuit this week, if not a wetsuit ( we will be doing open water swims and the lakes are still damn cold) UGH!

I haven't seen one design that will not make me look like an absolute freak.
I am also going to have my swim stroke videotaped - not that I will watch the tape myself but hopefully after paying my 10. the instructor will not be too horrified ...and maybe will give me some pointers (other than, "don't bother" LOLOLOL)

I am loving my diet mostly, even though I am still eating probably too much it is all CLEAN eating. Oh, I adore Ezekiel bread...leafy green mesculun salads ...and Greek organic yogurt...and blackberries, cantelope, mangoes....

shoot, its time to eat.

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